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Try Making Washi(Japanese Paper) in Echizen Washi Village! Let’s Make your Original Piece of Washi in the World!


Hello! I’m a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN, Yonosuke!

Things we use in our daily lives without any thought. Among those things, there are some things which have been familiar for a long time as Japanese traditions.

One of those is “washi(Japanese paper)”.

Actually, washi is used for various uses such as bills we use for shopping, cards we receive, and business cards given by someone.

However, because it’s too usual, we rarely have chance to get fascinated with washi.


So, at this time, I’ll introduce “Echizen Washi Village” where you can get fascinated with washi!


What is Washi?





First of all, I’ll introduce what washi is.

Washi is a kind of paper made with traditional Japanese manufacturing method.

It uses different raw materials from western paper, and is made with unique manufacturing method. The features of washi are its strength and long life. It’s said to last for a thousand yeas.


And the biggest feature is, after all, its unique color. The excellence of washi’s texture and color is loved around the world. Certainly, lamps made of washi displayed in restaurants are very beautiful.


Washi is mainly made of plants such as “kozo(a paper mulberry)” and “mitsumata(a paper bush)”.





The raw materials used for washi are all fibrous, which makes its strength. Washi is made through a long process such as boiling and putting them in a river.

And “Echizen Washi Village” is where you can easily enjoy trying papermaking!

“Washi Village” where you can Try Traditional Japanese Papermaking





“Echizen Washi Village” is located in Echizen, Fukui, where proudly has the largest market share of high-class washi in Japan. Fukui is also famous for Tojinbo and hot springs!

There are some facilities where you can get to know much about washi, such as “Udatsu Paper & Craft Museum” where you can see traditional papermaking process by artisans, and “Paper & Culture Museum” where you can learn the history of washi.


And among those facilities, I especially recommend you to visit “Papyrus House”.

Surprisingly, you can try making washi at Papyrus House.


Making Washi at Papyrus House





Papyrus House is where you can try making washi. Originally, washi needs a long process and professional technique to make, but you can easily try it here!

It’s also great that there are dyes and pressed flowers prepared. So you can design your washi as you like!





You can make washi with your free idea, so the washi you make will be your own original piece in the world. It’s so happy that you can keep your memory as an object!

Don’t worry. Even if you have some questions, the staffs at Papyrus House will help you. You can make traditional Japanese paper with your own hands.


And more, with optional menu, you can make lamps or fans with washi at Papyrus House!





Let’s Experience a Traditional Japanese Craft in Echizen Washi Village!





Besides, you can see techniques of artisans and learn history of washi in Echizen Washi Village.

Washi is used in your daily life. If you know about washi, your usual life will be a little richer!

Washi has beautiful color and is made with unique Japanese manufacturing technology. Why don’t you try traditional Japanese papermaking in Echizen Washi Village?


Information of Echizen Washi Village

Hours : 9 am to 4 pm

Holidays : End of Year and New Year

Address : 8-44, Shinzaike-cho, Echizen city, Fukui 915-0232

Phone : 0778-42-1363

Access : [BY BUS] At JR Takefu Station, please take Fuku-Tetsu Buses for Nanetsu line heading to Akasaka and get off at ” Washi-no-Sato “. It takes about 20mins to get to our village and costs 500yen. [BY CAR] From Takefu IC it takes about ten minutes to Washi-no-Sato.

>>The Official Website of Echizen Washi Village



And KARAKURIJAPAN introduces some instructions of origami as one of the traditional Japanese crafts as well.




It will be great that you fold origami works with washi which you make in Echizen Washi Village!

We introduce various origami works day by day, please check them out.

>>Origami Lectures from here

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