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Expression of “Kokoro(Mind)” with Colors! Introduction of an Iro-Moji(Colored Calligraphy) Work by Ken Nishimoto


Hello! I’m a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN, Yonosuke!

I’ll introduce an iro-moji(colored calligraphy) work today! Who wrote it is, of course, a calligrapher, Ken Nishimoto!


What Color did Mr. Nishimoto Use to Express “Kokoro(Mind)”?





Mr. Nishimoto is an iro-moji calligrapher who is familiar in KARAKURIJAPAN.

He always express words artistic with various colors.


The word he wrote at this time is “kokoro(mind)”.

How did he express the word?

Let’s read the explanation by himself.


At this time, for these black letters,

I spelled it “cocoro”, which starts with the letter C,

because it looks round and rolling.


I was thinking a mind changes easily as if it rolls.

These circles also express the atomosphere.

And at this part, color changes as it goes like a changing mind.


He expressed the feeling that a mind changes as if it rolls with the shape of the letters, and a changing mind with the colors!

It should be another artistic work!


What was it completed like!?


How Mr. Nishimoto Wrote the Iro-Moji Work “Kokoro(Mind)”


I’ll explain here, but please watch the video! You can see more details of the way to write iro-moji!




▲He wrote the base at first. He puts colors on base. The letter looks round, which makes me relaxed.




▲The first color he put was yellow. Then he put light colors such as red and blue.




▲The letter “kokoro” became really colorful! Such fascinating color usage! As he said, a changing mind is exactly expressed with colors.




▲He wrote “Cocoro” at last! He used “C” instead of “K”. As he said, it looks round and rolling. Looks cute.




When color has changed as it dried, it has got more taste. Artistic! Only Mr. Nishimoto can write it like this, who has a very warm mind.

Thank you for another great work, Mr. Nishimoto!



How was iro-moji?

Everyone can try iro-moji. Even if you have thought “I want to try calligraphy,,,, but it looks difficult”, why don’t you try iro-moji?

There is no same shape of letter or mixture of colors for iro-moji. The work you write will be the only work in the world, your own!

Let’s try iro-moji!

>>Watch Other Iro-Moji Works

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