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Not Only Sapporo! The Fascination of “Tokamachi Snow Festival” in Niigata


Hello! I’m a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN, Yonosuke!

It’s finally becoming October from tomorrow! It’s getting cold little by little. It’s a good point of Japan that we have four seasons!


The last season of a year is winter. It will snow in east area and mountainous areas of Japan in two months.

And snow reminds us snow festivals.

Sapporo Snow Festival is famous as one of the festivals held in winter. You should have seen it somewhere like in news even if you haven’t been there.


However, snow festival is not only in Sapporo!

Actually, a large-scale snow festival is held in Niigata every year!


I’ll introduce one of the largest-scale snow festivals, “Tokamachi Snow Festival” at this time.


What is Tokamachi Snow Festival?





Tokamachi Snow Festival is one of the most famous snow festivals in Japan.

Tokamachi Snow Festival was held over 60 years ago, on February 4th, 1950 for the first time.

Snow festivals are held in many places such as Sappro, Asahikawa in Hokkaido, and Iwate, but the first one is seemed this “Tokamachi Snow Festival”.


Tokamachi Snow Festival is grandly held every year. The 67th one held in this February was also magnificent with many people.

The next one is going to be brought on February 17th to 19th, 2017. It’s just four months until holding!  


This Tokamachi Snow Festival has really many attractive points!


Amazing Snow Art in Tokamachi Snow Festival




Works of art made from snow are the basis of Tokamachi Snow Festival. Many people are fascinated with such high artistry that they cannot believe it is made from snow.

Works are placed around the city. It is also interesting that each area has different idea. At the last time, in 67th festival, totally 75 works of snow art were made.


Works are categorized into 3 categories, “artistic”, “special”, and “schoolchildren’s”. All works displayed have high perfection.


Title : “Biwagakejo Castle… Melancholy…” (received Tokamachi Mayer’s award)





Title : “Justice” (received Tokamachi Tourism Association President’s award)





Title : “Live Easily” (received Tokamachi Shopping Street Association President’s award)





It’s really exciting that works of snow art like those are displayed around the city, isn’t it?


Amazing “Carnival on the Snow” and Guests in Tokamachi Snow Festival





The main event in Tokamachi Snow Festival is “Carnival on the Snow” held on the big stage made from snow.

This stage has entered the Guinness Book of World Records, and musical concerts, kimono shows and so on are held on it.

This huge white stage is lighted up and fireworks are shot off behind it. That must be memorable.

And more, the guests invited to the carnival are wonderful!

At the last time, in the 67th festival, Ruriko Kojima, who are famous on TV, and PUFFY, who celebrates 20th anniversary as a group, were invited as guests.





Besides, Tomomi Itami, who is famous as a former member of AKB48, and Tomochika, who is a comedian, performed on the stage.

Not only enjoy the works of snow art and the snow stage, you can see such famous people. It must be a good memory!


Who will appear on the stage as guests in the 68th festival held in next February!?


Let’s Go Tokamachi Snow Festival in Next February!





Many works of snow art beautifully displayed around the city, the snow stage lighted up and shooting fireworks, and wonderful guests who entertain visitors.

Tokamachi Snow Festival is crowded with many people every year as one of the representative winter festivals in Japan. It must be exciting in the next year as well!

Even from Tokyo, it takes just two hours to Niigata by Joetsu Shinkansen.


It’s going to be held on February 17th to 19th in the next year!

Why don’t you visit Tokamachi Snow Festival in this winter!?


>>Tokamachi Snow Festival Official Website

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