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Introduction of a Work by a Pen-Calligrapher Ms. Maria – “Kofuku(Happiness)” –


Hello! I’m a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN, Yonosuke!

This time I’ll introduce a pen-calligraphy work! Who wrote it is, for sure, a pen-calligrapher, Ms. Maria!


Who is the Pen-Calligrapher, Ms. Maria?




She was born and grown up in Kobe.

She is just twenty years old and a university student!

She always shows amazing works in KARAKURIJAPAN.


Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.14.56


The fascination of her works is such power, beauty and expression that we cannot believe they are written with a calligraphy pen.

She always writes words putting her thought for each word.


She put a thought on the word “michi(way)” above as well.

The word “michi” has various meanings,

for example, it means movement of people’s mind.

I wrote it imaging ambition.

That’s why I wrote this part as if it goes up.


Calligraphy or pen-calligraphy is the way to express only with black color. So we need much expression to write fascinating works.

She is such an artistic calligrapher who expresses various world by a calligraphy pen.


She Wrote “Kofuku(happiness)” at this time


What she wrote at this time is the word “kofuku(happiness)”. What did she think when she wrote it?

Let’s read her explanation.


Before I wrote it, I thought about a deep theme,

“What in the world is happiness?”.

And I wanted to express it by letters.

Then I thought happiness is when everything is well-balanced.

So I tried to write these letters as well-balanced as possible.


She said she wrote the word “kofuku(happiness)” focusing on the balance between two letters. For sure she writes letters well-balanced always, but she focused on that more than usual.

As you can see if you have done calligraphy ever, it is difficult to write letters well-balanced despite of just two letters.


Then, how did Ms. Maria write the word?


How the Pen-Calligrapher Ms. Maria Wrote the Word “Kofuku(Happiness)”


I’ll explain here, but you can clearly see her usage of the calligraphy pen in the video! Please watch it!




▲She wrote lines smoothly. I always think that her usage of the calligraphy pen is really beautiful. It’s as if the pen was dancing on the paper.




▲The letter “ko” is like sophisticated. The lines have both strength and weakness.



▲Subsequently, she wrote the letter “fuku”. The difference between strong lines and weak lines is big, which makes the letter more beautiful. I cannot help admiring that letters can be written so beautifully just with a calligraphy pen.




▲She wrote “KOHUKU” in alphabet at last to complete it! It made the work more artistic! Cool!


She wrote it focusing on the balance of the letters. The two letters are beautifully well-balanced. It looks as if it really brings happiness when it displayed.


Thank you for another really great work, Ms. Maria!


How was it?

Everyone can do pen-calligraphy just with paper and a calligraphy pen. And more, it’s easier to do than normal calligraphy!

Why don’t you touch Japanese culture!?


And you can see other works by Ms. Maria in KARAKURIJAPAN. All of them are amazing, so please check them out!

>>List of Works by a Pen-Calligrapher Ms. Maria

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