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Design your New Year’s Cards for 2017 Fashionably with Pen-Calligraphy!


Hello! I’m a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN, Yonosuke!

September is about to end! It’s still hot in the day time, but it feels cold at night. I cannot believe that it was extremely hot just some days ago!

The year 2016 has just 3 months left. One year passes rapidly.


Speaking of the end of a year, I came up with “New Year’s cards”.

There are increasing people who do New Year greetings just by message or on SNS with their phone, but New Year’s card is still popular as Japanese culture.


However, don’t you wonder what design you should choose for New Year’s cards?

Even if I buy some in shops, it’s a little boring, or even if I look for some templates on PC, I cannot find my favorite. And to be honest, I don’t want them to cost so much.

Have you ever wondered the design for New Year’s cards?


If yes, I recommend you the New Year’s cards written with pen-calligraphy!

I’ll introduce how fascinating the New Year’s cards written with pen-calligraphy are!


What is Pen-Calligraphy?



Pen-calligraphy is, as you can see from the name, a kind of calligraphy written by a calligraphy pen.

You can do it more easily than normal calligraphy, and because of the easiness, you can design letters well.


Even though it’s written with a calligraphy pen, you can write as fascinating letters as normal calligraphy depending on the way to write. Look at the letter “samurai” above. It’s as powerful as authentic calligraphy, isn’t it!?

You can write as beautiful letters as normal calligraphy just with a calligraphy pen. This is the fascination of pen-calligraphy!


New Year’s Cards Designed with Pen-Calligraphy will be Original




In these years, I often see printed out New Year’s cards.

You can find free templates on the Internet, and there are many cute New Year’s cards displayed in convenience stores.


However, don’t you feel printed out ones boring?


They often have similar design, and the receivers must realize that somehow.

And also, the receivers must be grad when they get hand-written cards.




If you write New Year’s cards with pen-calligraphy, they will be totally original!

Your hand-written New Year’s card will be the only card in the world. Why don’t you write your New Year’s cards for 2017 with a calligraphy pen?  


You can Design New Year’s Cards Fashionably with Pen-Calligraphy!





You can design New Year’s cards fashionably with pen-calligraphy!

And more, they will be completed with taste!


Why has calligraphy been loved in Japan for a long time?

That’s because there is beauty. Expression by beauty of letters, calligraphy is a very art. You can write letters with taste by controlling the strength or blurring. 


And also, there are color calligraphy pens recently.




Your design should become wide with color calligraphy pens!

Even though printed out New Year’s cards are major now, why don’t you design yours fashionably with pen-calligraphy?


It’s Fun to Design New Year’s Cards for Receivers!




It should be fun to write New Year’s cards for people you thank or love.

You can feel so fun with printed out New Year’s cards.


For sure it takes some time, and receivers must be pleased.

Why don’t you use your a little time and labor for someone precious?


Let’s Design New Year’s Cards for 2017 with a Calligraphy Pen!




How was it? You can design New Year’s cards fashionably just with a calligraphy pen!


In these years, New Year greetings have been simplified, but people must be pleased to get New Year’s cards which are objects they can keep.

Everyone who sent printed out New Year’s cards or who did New Year greetings just by e-mails or messages in the past few years, let’s design your original New Year’s cards with a calligraphy pen for 2017!



And, KARAKURIJAPAN introduces pen-calligraphy works by Ms. Maria.




All her works are amazing! They must be useful references for your New Year’s cards!

Please check them out!


>>Pen-Calligraphy Works by Ms. Maria


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