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Beautiful! The Work of Fudepen Shodo – “shinrabansho (All nature)” –
The Introduction of the Meaning and the Way to Write it.


Hello! I’m Yonosuke, a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN!

The work I’m going to introduce is the work of fudepen shodo(pen calligraphy), “shinrabansho” which means “All nature” in English. When we hear the word “shinrabansho”, we imagine something magnificent. Moreover, it seems difficult to write with fudepen(calligraphy pen) because it has many strokes.

By the way, do you know the meaning of this word? We rarely use this word in our daily lives, so I guess there are number of people who don’t know the exact meaning.

 Today, I’ll introduce you the meaning and the way to write “shinrabansho”.


What is the Meaning of shinrabansho?




 At first, I’ll introduce you the meaning of “shinrabansho”.


Everything that exist in the universe. “Shinra” means woods growing luxuriously and unlimitedly, and “bansho” means everything or every phenomenon. Further, “universe” means unlimited expand of space and time surrounding every existence and space of the universe.



Shinrabansho means everything existing in this world. It says “everything” includes not only physical objects but also phenomenon. It has more grandiose than I expected. I see. That’s why we rarely use this word in our daily lives. I even wonder when we can use this word.


So, I did some researches! And I found good example we can understand easily to think “oh, this is the way to use the word ‘shinrabansho!’”

 I’ll introduce an example to use the word shinrabansho!


The Way to Use “Shinrabansho”


Everything we face in daily lives is shinrabansho and has lessons that we can learn from.

Therefore, even if something sad happens, it is important to accept it as a good lesson given for us and to live positively day by day.



“Shinrabansho” all have lessons.

What do you think? “Shinrabansho” seems to be a good word, doesn’t it?

It is said that this word is told by a monk.

Shinrabansho all has lessons. All things happened in front of our eyes have meanings. Hmm…such a great idea. I think we can be great people if we accept everything in this way. Well, I decide to live accepting Shinrabansho as lessons.


Then, let’s write this word with Fudepen Shodo! The person who’s going write is Ms. Maria, a Fudepen Shodo Calligrapher, who is familiar to KARAKURIJAPAN!

It seems very hard to write it with fudepen, but how is Ms. Maria going to write it!?


The Introduction in the Way Ms. Maria, a Fudepen Shodo Calligrapher Writes “Shinrabansho”


I’m going to introduce here, and please take a look at the video! You can watch more details in the video.




▲The first word is “shin”. Ms. Maria wrote it comparatively smaller because she has to write four words on a piece of paper. It seems difficult to make all words well-balanced.




▲Next word is “ra”. It has many strokes, and Ms. Maria wrote it small. Nevertheless, it is so beautiful. Great, Ms. Maria!




▲Ms. Maria also wrote the word “ban” smoothly and beautifully.
The strength and weakness of thick lines and thin lines is good!  



▲The last word is “sho”. Ms. Maria strongly wrote up the right fade as the last stroke of “shinrabansho”!

Then, she wrote “SHINRABANSHO” in alphabet at the bottom of the work. Good! The work got more artistic.


What did Ms. Maria keep in mind when she wrote it? Let’s take a look at her explanation!


The explanation by Ms. Maria herself.




I thought it was very difficult to represent

the meaning of the word by letters.

I wrote it with wide and flat shape.


The width looks bigger than the height if you write lines with length.

To flatten letters, make spaces and write horizontal lines longer.


Ms. Maria wrote it up greatly even though there are four words with many strokes! How great she is! The work is as wonderful as the meaning that the word has.

Thank you Ms. Maria, today!


KARAKURIJAPAN introduces many other works by Ms. Maria. All works are wonderful, so please take a look!

Also, anyone can try fudepen shodo just with a piece of paper and fudepen. It is much easier than normal shodo to try!

Let’s try it, everyone!

>>Watch other works by Ms. Maria



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