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Let’s Fold Musical Instruments with Origami! An Easy Way to Fold an Organ


Hello! I’m Yonosuke, a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN!

Today, I’ll introduce you an easy instruction to fold origami. What I’m going to fold at this time is “organ”!

Let’s try to fold an organ, everyone!


It’s not only in Japan Anymore! “ORIGAMI” is Popular Overseas.





Origami is a traditional Japanese play that has been handed down since long ago.

According to one theory, origami was folded as early as in 15th century in Japan, and has been familiar to many people for a long time. Most of you might have folded origami before, mightn’t you? I also often played with origami in my childhood.

Speaking about origami, it is seemed a play for children. It is seemed that we fold it during the break time between the class or in club activity after school. I’m not really sure about recent children, though.


Probably, origami is regarded like that in Japan.

 However, it is different abroad!


“ORIGAMI” is Utilized as an Interior.





Look at this! It’s so beautiful, isn’t it!? This is a cluster of butterflies made of origami.

Colorful butterflies are flying in the white-based room. The color of origami is appealing so beautifully, it’s even like an art!


Like that, origami is utilized as an interior or an art abroad.

 Origami, which Japanese people have been played with is an art…that’s a unique idea that Japanese people hardly come up with! So fantastic!


 “ORIGAMI” is familiar not only in Japan but also all around the world. Although we folded it without thinking anything special when we were small, origami is actually great!


The Introduction of Easy Way to Fold an “Organ” at this Time.




 What KARAKURIJAPAN is going to introduce at this time is the way how to fold an “organ” with origami.

You can even fold an instrument with just a piece of paper.


Also, you can fold organ easily. Even the people who haven’t been fold for years can fold it quickly.

 “ORIGAMI” is popular all around the word. Let’s try it, everyone!


Easy! The Way How to Fold an Instrument, “Organ” with Origami.


I’ll introduce here, and we introduce more details with voice in the video. Please check it out!


1.Make a crease horizontally, urn it 90 degrees, and fold it in half.




▲At first, make a crease by folding it in half. Then turn it 90 degree, and fold it in half.


2.Fold it to put the sides together with the center line and make a crease diagonally.




▲Fold it to put the sides together with the center line and make a diagonal line like the picture.


3.Open and squash it.




▲ Open and squash it using the crease you made before.


4.Fold it up in the center twice, then fold the left and right sides.




▲Fold it up in the center twice. It’s all right if it’s folded like the picture. After that, fold both of left and right sides inside and make it three-dimensional to complete.




▲We could fold a great organ just with a piece of paper. You can fold instruments or anything! Great, origami!


How was it!?

I think it was really easy at this time. It’s the best one for the people who fold origami for the first time in a while, isn’t it?

KARAKURIJAPAN introduces many other instructions in origami. Origami is one of the easiest things to try among the traditional Japanese cultures. Please try many ways to fold origami!

>>To Other Origami Instructions

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