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【Kamakura Guesthouse】Enjoy Feeling “Wa(Japanese)”! Kamakura Guesthouse


Kamakura is one of the most popular cities for sightseeing in Japan.

Kamakura, which placed in Kanagawa still holds a lot of cultural assets and many tourists visit there every year.

There is a famous sightseeing spot called “Tsuruoka Hachiman-gu”, which represents Kamakura, also are many fashionable cafes and many tasty foods like cakes and curries.

As a popular sightseeing spot in Japan, the city has full of fascination and actually there are a number of great “guesthouses” in Kamakura.


At this time, I’m going to introduce you a recommended guesthouse in Kamakura called “Kamakura Guesthouse”!


A Popular Guesthouse in Kamakura, “Kamakura Guesthouse”





In Kamakura, there are many guesthouses as a sightseeing city. Among them, “Kamakura Guesthouse” is especially popular.

It is built from a renewed former restaurant, and there are an irori (a Japanese style fireplace). Even Japanese people can enjoy “great traditional style life in Japan” there.


One of the reasons for its popularity is its location, but there are other points that makes many people come.


The Guesthouse which Makes you Feel “Wa(Japanese)”





Nowadays, various cultures are mixed in Japan. Although it is good to touch with many different cultures, it is a bit sad that we can’t enjoy so often the positive points of “Japan” where we ourselves live in. Don’t you think so?


In Kamakura Guesthouse, we can feel traditional Japanese cultures.


 “Wa-buton” is Japanese traditional sets of bedding we hardly use nowadays.




I think most people are usually sleeping on a bed, but at Kamakura Guesthouse, we can try sleeping on “Wa-buton”.
This “Wa-buton” is handmade by a craftsman, so it is so soft and comfortable to sleep in.


We can store our valuable goods in an old styled rocker which is used at old public bath in Japan.





For rockers, coin-operated style is most common nowadays but in the past, we use it by putting wooden board like this.


In this way, the buildings of Kamakura Guesthouse is filled with a lot of “Wa” styles.


You can Get to Know with people at Kamakura Guesthouse.






At Kamakura Guesthouse, there is a common space called “free space” where the guests can interact each other.

There are many ways to enjoy a travel, and one of its great attractive points is “meeting people”. At Kamakura Guesthouse, we can communicate with many guests surrounding irori.


You don’t have to worry about being alone. There are many staffs at Kamakura Guesthouse, and originally, guesthouses are the place where most people visit by themselves. (I also visited there alone.)


 “There are encounters with people at Kamakura Guesthouse.”


If you come here, you can add one more memory for your trip.


Kamakura Guesthouse is Equipped with a Bar underground





Surprisingly, there is a bar underground of Kamakura Guesthouse named “TABLE AND BAR 10”.


TABLE AND BAR 10 has an affluent menu. There are more than enough delicious foods or snacks made from seasonal ingredients, and alcoholic drinks like sangria and wine.





There are various options in the menu, so even those who don’t drink alcohol also can enjoy!


At Kamakura Guesthouse, you can enjoy not only “Wa”, but also precious time at the fabulous bar like this.

Your memories during the trip will be richer!


For Sightseeing at Kamakura, “Kamakura Guesthouse” is Recommended!





Kamakura Guesthouse is filled with many attractive points.

Of course, it located close to every tourists spots at Kamakura, so it is the best place to stay for those who want to do sightseeing. It is also useful that they have rental cycles.


Kamakura Guesthouse is where you can feel traditional “Wa”. Why don’t you visit there as a memory for your trip when you visit Kamakura?


The Information of Kamakura Guesthouse

Address: Tokiwa 273-3, Kamakura, Kanagawa, JAPAN

Access: 15 minutes by car from JR Kamakura station

Hours: Check-in 14:00~20:00 Check-out 10:00

Holiday: Open all year round

Price:    Male dormitory 3,500 yen (per person)

Female dormitory 3,500 yen (per person)

Private room for 1~4 persons 15,000 yen (per room)

>>Kamakura Guesthouse official website

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