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What Color would you Use?
A Piece of Iro-moji(Colored Calligraphy) by a Calligrapher, Mr. Ken Nishimoto


Hello! I’m Yonosuke, a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN!

KARAKURIJAPAN always introduces Japanese culture in order to make it spread all over the world. We have just started, and we are mainly introducing “origami”, “pen-calligraphy” and “colored calligraphy”.

About this colored calligraphy, some people may think “I know origami and pen-calligraphy, but what is ‘colored calligraphy’?” It is a type of calligraphy and it is also colored. Indeed, it might make everyone who don’t know well about KARAKURIJAPAN wondered.

At this time, I’m going to introduce attractive points of this colored calligraphy and its work “graduation”!


What is Colored Calligraphy?


風04 (1)


Colored calligraphy is literally “Calligraphy with colors”. After writing the word, we put colors on it.

Colored calligraphy is an art which has different taste from normal calligraphy which express with only black color.


Although there are various different kinds of arts, what they have in common is that they have no answers. Colored calligraphy is same like them and there are no answers to the type of font and colors to use.

For colored calligraphy, you can write with whatever type of font and colors you want to use.  That is “colored calligraphy”.


Some may wonder “then how to choose the color to use?” Though you can use whatever colors you want, you may be at a loss for the colors to use.


The color is chosen from the imagination for the word.


 This piece is an example.




This word “cha(Tea)” is colored with green and brown. You can easily understand the reason why these colors are put, can’t you? These are the colors of tea leaves.

Like this way, we put the colors chosen from the meaning of the word.

And the piece of colored calligraphy I’m going to introduce at this time is “graduation”. The person demonstrating is a familiar face at KARAKURIJAPAN, colored calligrapher Mr. Ken Nishimoto!


What color would you use for this word, “graduation”?


The Piece of “Graduation” by Colored Calligrapher Mr. Ken Nishimoto


The instructions will be explained here, but you can watch more details in the video.  Please refer to the video for further detail!




▲At first, he wrote the word “graduation” with water. Color will be put on it.

Well, what color is going to be put from here? It will be enjoyable to imagine what color you would use if you were him.




▲Mr. Nishimoto put red color at first, and then violet. He chose brighter color.




▲Mr. Nishimoto steadily added other colors. The word “graduation” got more colorful.




▲After he finished putting colors, he dried it with a dryer. The colors got faint a bit by soaking into the paper. It made the piece have more taste.

It was completed with the signature at the end!


The Complete of the Piece of Colored Calligraphy “Graduation”!




This is the completed work. It is colorful and beautiful! It got more artistic by being framed!


Then, why did Mr. Nishimoto put these colors?

Let’s take a look at Mr. Nishimoto’s explanation.


The word graduation reminds me of March (graduation is usually in March in Japan).

I remember the graduation ceremonies of junior high school and senior high school.

I wrote it in the way that it would be good

 if it were used as the title logo of a graduation album.

 The word graduation has an image of navy blue because of school uniforms in ether case of blazer or gakuran(Japanese style school uniform).


So I used this color to write it.

And it reminds me not only March but also coming April, which is season for entrance in Japan.

So I expressed the image of cherry blossoms in spring by this pink.


Now I see! Mr. Nishimoto chose the color imagining “blazer”, “gakuran”, and “cherry blossoms”

Indeed, from the word of graduation, we can imagine a blazer or gakuran. Moreover, Mr. Nishimoto imagined cherry blossoms blooming in coming April after the graduation!


The piece at this time is fabulous as usual! Thank you very much!


For this word “graduation”, what color did you imagine?

By the way, for me, I came up with the blue color because I imagined tears. It is also the attracting point of colored calligraphy that the color to be used is different depending on person. There is no answer to colored calligraphy, so you can use whatever color you want.


And more, the choice of colors or the way of mixture is all different. The piece you write will be the only piece in the world!

Why don’t you try colored calligraphy!?


At KARAKURIJAPAN, we’re introducing other works by Mr. Nishimoto. Every piece is wonderful! Please check them out!


>>watch other works of iro-moji

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