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Introduction to Pen-Calligrapher, Ms. Maria’s Work. – “Bi” (Beautiful) –


Hello! I’m Yonosuke, a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN!

Today, I’m going to introduce pen-calligrapher, Maria’s work.

The word she wrote at this time is “bi”, which means “beautiful” in English.


The Japanese Culture – “Bi” (Beauty) –





The Japanese culture is receiving high evaluation from the world.

One of the reasons of the evaluation is its beauty come from Japanese unique sensibility.

All Japanese cultural figures with the character of “wa” which symbolize Japan seems to have the sense of “delicacy” and “aesthetic” that only Japanese people can represent.





It is not so showy, but it has calmness and we can feel elegance from “Japanese beauty”

 There are plenty of “beauties” which are unique to Japan.


How will the Pen-Calligrapher Ms. Maria Express “Bi (beauty)” through her Work?


Ms. Maria is going to write “bi (beautiful)” at this time.

How did Ms. Maria express “bi (beautiful)” through her work?

Let’s now take a look at Ms. Maria’s commentary regarding the calligraphy.


The word beautiful is used for various things.

I wrote it imaging especially beauty of women.

I used faint and patchy lines and semi-cursive script so that it had soft lines.


Maria said she wrote it imagining women. That’s nice!

 Speaking about beautiful women, I can imagine Japanese beauties.
The pen-calligrapher, Ms. Maria is also one of them.


 Now I’m going to introduce the work!



The Way to Write “Bi(Beautiful)” By a Pen-Calligrapher, Ms. Maria


I’ll introduce here, and you can watch more detailed instructions in the video! Please check it out!




▲Ms. Maria writes it up beautifully. I never get bored with her manipulation of the calligraphy pen no matter how many times I see it. 



▲The whole part of the character is well-balanced. It represents exactly “Beauty”.



▲For the stroke of right side at the end, she wrote it with the technique what she calls “fade”. Great taste.




This work exactly matches the image of beautiful women. The stroke of right side makes the work more beautiful.


Ms. Maria, thank you for another wonderful performance!


Pen-calligraphy can be done by anyone as long as he/she has a calligraphy pen and a piece of paper! Please give it a try as one of the Japanese cultures which you can try easily!

Also, you can check out more of Ms. Maria’s work at KARAKURIJAPAN. Each piece is wonderful! Please check it out!

See you next time!

>>Watch other works by Ms. Maria


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