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“Sake” Written by Iro-moji Shodo Calligrapher


Hello! I’m Yonosuke, a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN!

Today is the introduction about a work of iro-moji(colored calligraphy). Mr. Ken Nishimoto, an iro-moji shodo calligrapher is going to write!


The Difference between Normal Shodo and Iro-moji Shodo


Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 16.19.41


One question. What do you think is the difference between normal shodo and iro-moji shodo?

As you see, the big difference is whether it’s colored or not, but it is not enough to explain.

Different from Normal shodo, iro-moji shodo includes the element of art.


One example is the word of “bi (beauty)” in the picture above. With normal shodo, you can represent the word only with the letter. On the other hand, with iro-moji shodo, you can represent it using both of color and calligraphy.

This work is also written with the colors imagined from the word of “beauty”. It is colorful and beautiful!


Like this, the characteristics of iro-moji shodo is such a wide expression way.


“Sake” Written by Mr. Nishimoto, an Iro-moji Shodo Calligrapher.





At this time, Mr. Nishimoto is going to write the word of “Sake ” with iro-moji shodo!

Well, with what kind of color will Mr. Nishimoto, the iro-moji shodo calligrapher write “sake”!?


“Sake” Written by an Iro-moji Shodo Calligrapher


Now I start introducing! You can watch more details in the video, so please take a look! 


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 14.44.14


▲At first, he writes the draft with water. Hmm…it looks a bit different. This is the font called “shoten” which is categorized as an old character. It looks good having more taste than the normal character.

Also, it looks pretty! It seems to have smiling face …


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 14.49.20


▲He starts putting colors little by little. The color is mostly violet.

And look at this! Smiling face is appeared with eyes drawn. It is actually a face as I guessed.

Mr. Nishimoto always puts playfulness into his works, and it is same at this time. Wonderful!


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 14.55.56


▲He puts various colors. The left part called sanzui which represents river is beautiful. It actually looks like a river flowing.

It looks heartwarming that the face of the tokkuri(sake bottle) seems to be more expressive.


The Complete of “Sake” by Mr. Nishimoto, an Iro-moji Shodo Calligrapher.


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 14.56.18


It is wonderful as always, Mr. Nishimoto!

The face is drawn on the word and looking at us with a smile. It’s pretty! The face is flushed as if it gets drunk on sake.

 Sunzui on the left side colored vividly mainly with the blue is also beautiful.


The Explanation by an Iro-moji Shodo Calligrapher Mr. Nishimoto himself.


At this time, I wrote “sake”.

Something different at this time is that I wrote this letter in the old character form

This form is called “kinbun”, which includes the letter “kin(money)”, and “bun(character)”. And this is close to pictograph.
(Correctly it’s not kinbun but shoten)

Especially this part,

which is called “sanzui” and generally means water,
is like exact water. This shape came from running water.

This right part might have come from tokkuri (sake bottle).

 And at this time I wrote this tokkuri like a face.

I also give a name to this tokkuri, “sake-kun”.


He comes to me with a red face,

and says “You can drink today”, like that.

 He is kind to allow me to drink today.



Sake-kun is so cute! It seems that his kindness is represented on the work directly.

Well, the work at this time is also really wonderful! Thank you, Mr. Nishimoto!


You can see many other works by Mr. Nishimoto at KARAKURIJAPAN! All his works are wonderful, so please take a look!

See you!

>>Watch other works of iro-moji(colored calligraphy)

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