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Powerful!An Introduction of a Work by Ms. Maria, a Fudepen Shodo Calligrapher.


Hello! I’m Yonosuke, a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN!

At this time, I’ll introduce you “fudepen shodo(pen-calligraphy)”, which is familiar to KARAKURIJAPAN!


You can Easily Try Shodo with “Fudepen”





What kind of image do you have toward shodo(calligraphy), everyone?

To be honest, I had an image of formality. We lean it at elementary schools, so it seems to have a bit difficulty. Some of you have the same kind of image as me, don’t you?


Even for me, when I see a truly beautiful work, I’m so fascinated with it like “it’s amazing…”


After that, I think that “I want to try it!” However, it turned out to be hard after all. Because I have to prepare all tools, and it seems difficult.

 There may be some people who think “I want to try shodo!”, but can’t begin it just like me.


However, it’s all right! You can try “fudepen shodo(pen-calligraphy)” so easily!





Anyone can try “fudepen shodo” just with a piece of paper, fudepen(a calligraphy pen), and something like an under pad.

Fudepen(a calligraphy pen) is easier to get than fude(a brush) used for normal shodo and for paper, just copying paper will do. Now you get to think it seems so easy to try it, don’t you?

Fudepen shodo is shodo that everyone can try easily!


What Ms. Maria, a Fudepen Shodo Calligrapher, is going to write is “Tsurugi” (sword)


And, a work of fudepen shodo that KARAKURIJAPAN is going to introduce at this time is “tsurugi”, which means a sword in English.

The person who’s going to write is Ms. Maria, a fudepen shodo calligrapher who is familiar to KARAKURIJAPAN!




Ms. Maria, a fudepen shodo calligrapher, always writes works as strong and beautiful as normal shodo.


What she is going to write today is the word “tsurugi” (sword.)


With what kind of image did she write it?


I have been keen on fantasies for a long time.

I was brought up reading books of fantasy,

so I get excited when I hear the word “legend of King Arthur”.

In this story, there is a sword Excalibur which was pulled by Arthur for the first time.

I wrote this letter imaging to write Excalibur in kanji(Chinese character).


Ms. Maria said she likes fantasies. At this time, she wrote with the image of a sword called “Excalibur” from the story of “Legend of King Arthur”.





 This is the sword called “Excalibur”.


 Well, how is the work going to be like!?


“Tsurugi” Written by Ms. Maria, a Fudepen Shodo Calligrapher


 I’ll introduce the work here, and you can watch Ms. Maria’s beautiful using way of pen in the video. Please take a look!




▲Ms. Maria writes the word smoothly. The line is so beautiful that it’s hard to believe that she writes it with fudepen.




▲She finished writing the left side of “tsurugi”, then she starts writing the right side called “ritto”, which is the radical of tsurugi.




▲She finished writing “ritto” strongly and beautifully! Such a big presence!
She writes the line like a sword. The hook written at the end of the word is also powerful!





▲She wrote alphabets to complete! It makes the work more artistic!

Wow, Ms. Maria, the work at this time is wonderful as usual!

 Thank you, Ms. Maria!


Haw was it!?

You can write such a beautiful work like this just with a calligraphy pen! I would like anyone who think “I want to try shodo!” but can’t start it to try fudepen shodo(pen-calligraphy)!

You can take a look other works by Ms. Maria at KARAKURIJAPAN. All works are wonderful, so please check them out!

>>Watch Other Works by Ms. Maria

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