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The Instruction of a Work of a Fudepen Shodo Calligrapher, Ms. Maria – “Kami”(paper)-


Hello! I’m Yonosuke, a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN!

Today, I’ll introduce about shodo(calligraphy) which is an art that has been familiar throughout long Japanese history.

But, what I’m going to introduce today is a little bit different from usual one.

 That is, fudepen shodo!


What is Fudepen Shodo?


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.41.44


Normally, we need some tools for shodo. Basically what we need are suzuri, which plays the same kind of role as a palette, fude(brush), and sumi(ink). We also use bunchin(weight) and shitajiki (under pad).

Some people who want to try it may think it is too difficult to start if it needs so many tools.

I would like to recommend fudepen shodo for all who think that!

You can easily try fudepen shodo only with fudepen(calligraphy pen), printing paper, and an under pat.


This fudepen shodo is as beautiful as normal shodo.

The picture above is a work written with a calligraphy pen. This letters of ninja look so powerful, don’t it?

As like normal shodo, You can express beauty, subtlety, strength, or various things in fudepen shodo. You can arrange the design because of its easiness.


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 16.05.16


I highly recommend this fudepen shodo for anyone who has thought to try shodo ever before.

 You can enjoy traditional Japanese culture with fudepen shodo.


What I’m going to Introduce Today is “Kami” (Paper)


And a work of fudepen shodo that I’m going to introduce today is the word “kami”, which means paper in English.

The person who’re going to write is Ms. Maria, a fudepen shodo calligrapher who is familiar to KARAKURIJAPAN!


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.19.42


Ms. Maria writes great works every time.

Well, with what image did she write the word “kami” at this time?

At first, let’s take a look at the explanation by herself.


Because I was writing it on copier paper which is a little hard,

I wrote it like a square imaging the hardness of paper.
I thought being just hard is not interesting,

so I expressed softness by using semi­cursive script.


Semi-cursive script is one of the writing styles. It has a characteristic of cursive and running style among them.

She wrote it in so difficult way with the image of hardness using the style with softness. Hmmm…what is the work going to be like?

 Now I’ll show you the work!


“Kami” (Paper) Written by Ms. Maria, a Fudepen Shodo Calligrapher


 I’ll introduce here, and you can watch more details in the video.
Please take a look!



▲Ms. Maria starts writing softly. She adjusts writing pressure in order to make strength and weakness on lines. As usual, she uses the pen so beautifully!



▲Sometimes she writes strongly, sometimes softly. That makes us so excited to think “how is this work going to be like”?




▲The complete of “kami”! Having the strength, it is written with the style of softness. The work has the mixture of hardness and softness! Wonderful!

The alphabets written below are also good! They make the work more artistic!


 Well, the work at this time is wonderful as usual! Great, Ms. Maria! Thank you!


KARAKURIJAPAN introduces other works by Ms. Maria. All works are wonderful, so please take a look!

Also, you can try fudepen shodo with fewer tools compared with normal shodo. Let’s try it!

>>Watch other works by Ms. Maria


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