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【Easy!】Lecture of How to Make Origami Animals -Pig-


Hello! I’m Yonosuke, a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN.
Today’s lesson is about the way to make an origami work, which is traditional Japanese culture.

Let’s try to make one of the animals, pig!


What is the Attractive Point of Origami, Traditional Japanese Culture?




Origami has been familiar with most Japanese people as a traditional Japanese culture since a long time ago.
Especially, most people played with origami in their childhood. I myself was also one of them who played with origami when they were small.

The most attractive point about origami is that we can make various things with just a piece of origami paper.

Although I played the Origami without realizing when I was small, it is amazing that we can make even cranes or flowers with just a piece of origami paper, isn’t it!?

Recently, many people abroad enjoy playing with origami along with big stream.





Today, I’m going to show how to make one of the origami animals, pig.


Making Animals is One of the Common Things to Play with Origami.





The common creatures to be made with origami is animals!
Cranes is also one of the common animals to be made with origami.
Whatever animals made of origami are so pretty.
Just putting the animals of origami near gives us the peace of mind.


At this time, I’m going to show you the way to make animals with origami!

The Lesson of How to Make Origami Animals. – Pig-


I’ll try to explain here, and also you can watch more details with the video.


1. Fold the Paper in Half to Make a Crease, then Fold it to Put the Sides together with the Crease.


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.38.35


▲First, fold the paper in half to make a crease. Then, fold it to put the sides together with the crease.


2. Make Creases on the Corners, then Make Inside Reverse Folds.


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.41.21


▲Fold the corners to make creases then make inside reverse folds following the creases.
Do same for all four corners!


3. Fold it in Half, then Fold the Corners Back and Fold them Downward.


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.47.06


▲Fold it in half, then fold the corners you made at step 2 back. After that, fold them downward. These parts are supposed to be legs of the pig.

Do same for all four parts.


4. Make Inside Reverse Folds to Make a Head and a Tail of the Pig.


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.50.46


▲Make a small inside reverse fold to make a head. This is the part where’s supposed to be a head of the pig.

For the other side, make a bigger inside reverse fold than the side of the head. This part is supposed to be a tail.

Then, you finish making the pig!


Now you Finish Making the Animal, Pig with Origami!


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.54.59


Now you completed making a pig! It looks so real that it is about to start screaming “oink, oink!” Amazing! It’s so adorable!

How wonderful the traditional Japanese culture, origami is! We can make ANYTHING only with a piece of origami paper.

Did you successfully go well with making pigs!?

We’re introducing the way to make various kind of things.
Origami is one of the traditional Japanese cultures that you can touch easily.

Please enjoy traditional Japanese culture by folding origami!

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