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Lesson of Iro-Moji(Colored Calligraphy) by Mr. Nishimoto


Hello, I’m a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN, Yonosuke! This article is a lesson of iro-moji(Colored Calligraphy).


What is Iro-Moji(Colored Calligraphy)!?


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Iro-moji is a kind of calligraphy with colors.

Calligraphy is a culture which has been familiar with people in Japan since long ago. Even now, many exhibitions are held all over Japan and many people enjoy it. And more, there are Japanese calligraphers working globally.

And iro-moji has colors with this traditional Japanese culture, calligraphy.


In contrast to normal calligraphy only with black, iro-moji uses various colors.

So iro-moji has different merit from normal calligraphy, and it’s more artistic. That’s iro-moji!


Who is Mr. Nishimoto?


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At this time Mr. Nishimoto, who is familiar in KARAKURIJAPAN, will do the lesson!

Born in 1986 in Hiroshima. He is both a calligrapher and a musician!

Amazing… He is a very artist! He has written wonderful works with KARAKURIJAPAN.


He wrote “Yume(Dream)”


We had him write the letter “yume(dream)” at this time. Good word.

Yume has two meanings. Hopes to be or do and what we see when sleeping.

Same as Japanese, the English word “dream” also has these two meanings.

I was surprised to know that! Did you know?


Mr. Nishimoto Represented “Dream” of Sleep


The interesting point of iro-moji is that we can represent the feelings not only with calligraphy, but also with colors.


If the word “dream” are written in normal calligraphy, I think it won’t change no matter which meaning it has.

However, in iro-moji, it will change colors depending on the meaning of the word. That’s interesting!

Then, which meaning did Mr. Nishimoto represent at this time? Let’s take a look at his explanation.


Dreams are mysterious, aren’t they?
I’m sure that, in your dream, you have been somewhere always you are.

Even though you know that place, you find different sights as you go.
But you don’t feel it strange in your dream.
When I think of it later, although I often forget it,

when I remember it, I feel really it really mysterious.
So I expressed the feeling like “What? What was it?” by this shape.

And also expressed the atmosphere of a fantastic world

by these colors.


I see. It’s the “dream” we see during sleep.

As he said, dreams are mysterious. It’s obscure.

Then, how did he represent the word “dream”?


“Dream” Written by Mr. Nishimoto


Then I’ll explain how he wrote “dream”. You can see the details in the video, please watch it!


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 14.12.18


▲At first, wrote the letter with water. Colors would be put on it. It became the base before colors.


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 14.15.08


▲The first color was yellow. For this work, he put light colors first. Then, he put purple and light blue. The letter is getting colorful.


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 14.17.42


▲More and more colors were put. I feel mysterious by this work. Is this fantastic feeling that he said?


Completion of “Dram” by Mr. Nishimoto


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 14.21.45


So fantastic! Great!

It has the obscure atmosphere of dreams. His signature is also elegant.

Just as his explanation, the work is very fantastic!


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 14.26.21


When it’s dried, it became more beautiful. So nice! I want to display it in my room!

Thanks to Mr. Nishimoto for this amazing work!


You can see other works by Mr. Nishimoto through KARAKURIJAPAN. All of them are amazing! Please check them out!

And you, everyone reading this article, let’s try iro-moji(colored calligraphy)!

>>Watch Other Iro-Moji(Colored Calligraphy) Works

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