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Beautiful! How to Write “Utsukushii(Beautiful)” by Colored Calligrapher, Mr. Nishimoto


Hello, I’m a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN, Yonosuke.

This article is about iro-moji(colored calligraphy). As always, an amazing work has been completed.


Iro-Moji(Colored Calligraphy) is Beautiful!


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 15.48.31


Iro-moji(colored calligraphy) is often introduced by KARAKURIJAPAN. As you can see by the name, it is a kind of calligraphy with colors.

Did anyone think “It’s just as it looks!”?

Actually this calligraphy has many artistic contents.

Not only the beauty of letters, but also colors expand the range of expression.

An amazing work of iro-moji requires good techniques of both painting and calligraphy.

And Mr. Nishimoto wrote it in iro-moji(colored calligraphy).





He is a guitarist and a colored calligraphy. Versatile!

We had him write it with his artistic talent!


How will he Represent “Utsukushii(Beautiful)”?


The word he wrote at this time was “Utsukushii(beautiful)”.

Utsukushii means beautiful.

What does the word Utsukushii remind you?

It reminds me a beautiful woman. Because I’m a man, I love beautiful women.

However, many things in the world have beauty. As I thought, beauty of women, beauty of nature with green, and artificial beauty like a night view, there are various beauties.

Then how will he represent beauty?


So I expressed both beauty of women and nature.

Surprisingly, he represented two kinds of beauty at the same time! Amazing! How will it be? Let’s check it out!


How to Write Utsukushii(Beautiful) by Mr. Nishimoto


I’ll explain how he wrote it. Please watch the video to feel all the charms of iro-moji(colored calligraphy).


Making the Base


Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 16.06.59


▲At first, he put water on the brush and wrote utsukushii. This is the important point because colors will spread along this base. He wrote carefully.


The First Color was Purple


Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 16.08.54


▲He put purple at first. Which did he represent first, beauty of women or beauty of nature? Only he knows it, and I guess it’s beauty of women. It’s also interesting to watch it guessing.


Putting Various Colors


Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 16.10.11


▲He put various colors on the letter utsukushii. The letter got colors step by step. Beautiful!

The light colors such as yellow and green were mixed, and it got to look beauty of nature!


Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 16.14.46


▲It got more colors. It’s a little dark overall, but artistic and beautiful. This brightness of colors does not exist in normal calligraphy.


Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 16.19.22


▲ Finishing! He put some more colors, and wrote the signature.

Utsukushii(Beautiful) by Mr. Nishimoto has been Completed!


Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 16.19.41


How is it? This is utsukushii written by Mr. Nishimoto. It’s so fascinating.

This is how he represented beauty of both women and nature. It looks red overall, but you can find some yellow and green which reminds you nature.

Let’s read explanation by himself! I emphasize some part that looks important.


The expression utsukushii reminds me two kinds of beauty.

The one is beauty of women, as everyone thinks of.

The other one is beauty in nature for me.

For the first one, beauty of women, I used red, purple, and pink

as feminine colors to express this point.

And there is one more point, beauty of nature.

I think beauty of nature is contrasted with the word “kirei”,

(which also means beautiful if translated into English).

I think kirei means artificial ordered beauty,

even though it includes the word beauty.

On the contrast wtih it, I feel beauty in nature.

Specifically, when I was under a bridge one day,

the bridge above me and concrete I was sitting on

felt really well­ordered.

They were made as kirei.

On the contrast, there was running water

which was old and maybe rotten,

and had various colors beyond expression.

And also there was a spider walking across above me.

Then I felt beauty of nature contrasted with kirei.

A spider is showy, isn’t it?

And I also felt the rotten water showy,

but I thought there was beauty which had built in nature.

I think this letter utsukushii itself is also showy,

because it looks as if it has a lot of legs like a spider.

So I expressed both beauty of women and nature.

I can’t say more than amazing. He thought about many things when he wrote just one letter.

That was really amazing! Thank you Mr. Nishimoto!

How was it? You could see how interesting iro-moji(colored calligraphy) is with the amazing work by Mr. Nishimoto.

Please watch other works of iro-moji!

See you!

>>Watch other works of iro-moji(colored calligraphy)

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