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“Kachofugetsu(beauties of nature)” Written in Calligraphy by a Pen


Hello, I’m a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN, Yonosuke.

This article is about calligraphy by a pen. It is a kind of calligraphy written by a calligraphy pen. You can do it only with a calligraphy pen and copier paper, but because it’s very simple, it depends on the expressive skill of whom write it.

At this time, we had a calligrapher by a pen, Ms. Maria write the word “kachofugetsu”.



Do you know what “kachofugetsu” means?


Do you know the meaning of the four-character compounds, “kachofugetsu”?

The letters used in the word are 「ka(flower), cho(bird), fu(wind), and getsu(the moon). They look something related to nature. However, I guess few people know the exact meaning.

Kachofugetsuis a four-character compounds which means a beautiful landscape of nature, and furyu to respect it.


It’s just as it looks like.

Wait! Again we got a word that looks difficult! Furyu! Do you know what furyu means?



What does furyu mean?


Furyu is a sense of beauty which was enhanced in Japan after middle ages.


So furyu is a unique Japanese word. If translated to English, it’s close to the word elegance, but English doesn’t have any word which exactly means same.

So kachofugetsu is a word which represent beauty of Japan, and can’t be used except in Japan!


Used in Title of Songs by Famous Artists!




Kachofugetsu is a unique Japanese word which represent beauties of Japanese nature.

In Japan, many artists released songs the titles of which are this word.

The first is a representative Japanese rock band, SEKAI NO OWARI. I guess many people know them!

SEKAI NO OWARI is one of the most popular bands in Japan. The song kachofugetsu by them is very nice for sure. It reminds me beautiful Japanese nature.

The next is Ketsumeishi. It is a hip-hop group of four people, and has been active for more than twenty years. The song kachofugetsu by them is really good as well, and it’s also the title of an album.

Moreover, many representative Japanese artists, such as Naotaro Moriyama, Remioromen, and Spitz, uses the word kachofugetsu as the titles of their songs or albums.

Kachofugetsu is loved by many top artists. That’s how amazing word it is!


How to Write Kachofugetsu by Ms. Maria


The introduction has become quite long, but I’ll introduce how to write kachofugetsu by Ms. Maria. You can see the beautiful usage of pen by the video above, so please watch it.


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.14.55


▲At first, she wrote ka(flower) of kachofugetsu. Even though flowers are seemed beautiful and colorful, it became powerful written by calligraphy pen. So beautiful!


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.17.43


▲She wrote cho(bird) the next. It’s about to move! And ka also has as strong a presence as cho.


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.18.09


▲The next is fu(wind). As well as ka and cho, it’s beautiful and powerful. It looks as if the wind would blow. And you should watch the video to see how beautiful her usage of pen is. I can’t explain it.


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.18.26


▲The last letter is getsu(the moon). I feel power the most among the four letters. You should see the sweep at last. It raises the beauty of the word kachofugetsu.


Kachofugetsu by Ms. Maria has been Competed!


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.19.15


Complete! How is it? Kachofugetsu by Ms. Maria. I can’t say more than an art! That’s an art!

Each letter has a strong presence, and they emphasize rather than bother each other because they are well-balanced.

It’s a suitable work to represent beautiful Japanese nature. Good job Ms. Maria!

Explanation by Ms. Maria


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.19.42


Let’s read the explanation by herself.


Today, I’ll write “kachofugetsu(beauties of nature)”.

This word means all beauties of nature.

I tried to write each letter beautifully and four letters with good balance.

Please find the best balance when you write it.


As I thought, she imagined beauty of Japanese nature when she wrote! And she focused on the balance while representing the beauty. Amazing!

Kachofugetsu by Ms. Maria was an amazing work. Thank you Ms. Maria!

Then, what will she write the next? Look forward to it!

She wrote various letters, so please watch other videos! See you!

>>Woks of calligrapher by a pen, Ms. Maria

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