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lesson of iro-moji(colored calligraphy)/how to write kaze(wind)


Hello! I’m a writer of KARAKURIJAPAN, Mr. Karakuri.

The letter kaze is one of the most artistic letters used in shodo(calligraphy). It can be written depending on your sense because it has few stroke counts and two big sweeps. It’s very popular letter in shodo which is popular around the world. At this time, we’ll use iro-moji(colored calligraphy) to make it more artistic.

The person who will write it is an instructor of iro-moji, Mr. Nishimoto.

Who is Ken Nishimoto?


Mr. Nishimoto will write it. He is a professional artist of iro-moji. This is who he is.

スクリーンショット 2016-07-08 17.52.32


Born on January 1st, 1986, in Hiroshima.
Participate in various activities of art such as calligraphy and music.

Not only usual calligraphy with black ink, but also good at colored calligraphy which he named “iro-moji” making new way of calligraphy.

Work at designing at Gutarabotch with a painter Maimai, make unique logos for events or stores which are made by collaboration of letters and paintings.

Play music in: “colors” a duo with an ukulele player, Sho Naito, “irodori” a team with the ukulele player and dancers, “Osaka chacha band” a band with handicapped people, and “ma-chan band” a band playing music of Okinawa.

He is both a calligrapher and a guitarist! So versatile. He is totally an artist who handles both music and letters. So cool. He may do shodo with colors as if he plays music. How will he write kaze(wind)?

The explanation by Mr. Nishimoto.


Let’s see the explanation by him.

Hello, everyone.
I’m an instructor of iro­moji(colored calligraphy), Nishimoto.

At this time, I wrote “kaze(wind)”.

My image for wind is blue.

So I mainly used bluish colors to express it,
such as purple and deep blue close to indigo.

And also I expressed a blowing wind as you can see.

I think this wind is so strong.

Especially this part expresses a wind blowing up like a hurricane.

He had a particular image for wind as you can see. I had an image like green and calm, so I was surprised. I thought of a breeze at grass of spring and guessed he would use green. However, he used blue and purple! That’s unique. How will it be if he writes breeze?

As I said at first, everyone has each image for a letter. You can represent your own image with not only black, but also various colors, which is the most pleasure of iro-moji(colored calligraphy) What color of your “wind” is?


instruction and procedure of iro-moji(colored calligraphy)


Let’s follow the instruction of iro-moji(colored calligraphy). Please watch the video for detail.

1, make the base


スクリーンショット 2016-07-08 17.44.19

At first, make the base with water. It’s really important because you’ll put colors following it. You should make detail of the letter here, so just write it like you write the letter. It’s better to decide the design before you write it.

2, put colors little by little


スクリーンショット 2016-07-08 17.44.36

Put colors on the base. It’s better to use deep colors first, such as primary colors. It depends on your sense what color you use. 。Just free, and that’s why iro-moji is interesting. How colors are mixed differs every time. Even if you aren’t confident of your color sense, you might make a miracle work.

スクリーンショット 2016-07-08 17.44.46

Put colors more and more. It has been a beautiful art! You’ll get used to mixing and making colors blurred. Watching the video, you can see colors are blurred following the base line. So interesting. Watch his brush control!

スクリーンショット 2016-07-08 17.45.01


3, Complete it with a sign!


風04 (1)

Finally, write a sign and compete it! It hasn’t been dried yet, but it will get more beautiful when it is dried. If you write the sign like a wind, it will be cooler!

Colors can’t be used and mixed in same way, so it is your only-one work in the world.

スクリーンショット 2016-07-08 17.45.18

Amazing wind has been completed! I wanna display it in my room! It has different merit from normal calligraphy with only black.
Looking forward to his next work! It’ll be more interesting if you do it by yourself!

>>watch other works of iro-moji


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